Saturday, 16 October 2010 20:02

Tango de burdel, salón y calle

On Wednesday October 13 we went to see the show "Tango de burdel, salón y calle", in the Teatro Cervantes de Málaga.

This Saturday we visited the traditional bakery of Colmenar "La Tahona del Tinajero." There, the owner Juana did receive us with  a tasting of traditional handmade cakes and with a glass of anise and pacharán.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010 00:31

Culture activities

Cultural activities in Axalingua Language Center

Wednesday, 18 August 2010 00:28


Alcazaba de Antequera




Antequera, the heart of Andalusia

Antequera, history in every street

A visit to Antequera launches you back in time. There are remains of the Bronze Age and the native Iberians, dolmens, Roman baths, a Moorish Castle, Gothic churches, Renaissance fountains and baroque bell towers. It is a pleasant city, because of its variety and the friendly people.

Distance from Colmenar

35 km

Estimate time

30 minutes

Type of visit


The Moorish fortress with its towers and many churches give a typical medieval sighting to the city. The fortress provides great views on the mountains on one side and to hills covered with olive trees on the other side. There is rich farmland irrigated by the Guadalhorce River. For centuries this has been one of Andalusia's most fertile areas, and is currently a leading producer of asparagus, cereals and olives. In summer, its fields turn brilliant yellow with sunflowers.

Antequera, corazón de Andalucía

Arco de los giganes en Antequera

Antequera, corazón de Andalucía

El Dolmen de Menga

The city is absolutely worth a visit, but just outside the centre are some interesting things to see as well. The first is a magnificent dolmen, with an information centre, just outside Antequera in the direction of Córdoba.


Dolmen de Menga

Interior del Dolmen de Menga

Parque Natural "El Torcal"

The other one is a Nature Reserve called El Torcal which is only a 10 minutes drive from Antequera. It is known for its limestone rock formations and it is one of the most beautiful and impressive limestone landscapes in Europe. The whole area was under sea until one hundred million years ago. Then the movements of the Earth's crust forced it upward into hills and mountains up to 1300 m. The limestone still kept its layered horizontal formation. Because of this, over the millions of years the rain and wind have been able to chisel away at these layers to form incredible shapes.

Panorámica de El Toral

The park is situated between the town of Antequera and the village Villanueva de la Concepción. In Antequera you will find signs with directions. At the parking is an information centre and from there three walking routes start. These are all marked out with different coloured arrows on wooden sticks. They vary from 30 minutes till 3 hours. From the highest viewing point, el mirador, you can see the whole of the El Torcal Park and the African Coastline. You need good walking shoes or trainers, and in the warm months a bottle of water.


El Torcal de Antequera

Cabra El Torcal

Lobo Park

If you are interested in animals and more specifically in dogs and wolves, you should visit the Lobopark close to Antequera. The wolvepark is a private park with several wolvepacks (from North America, Europe, and Spain) which live in huge enclosures, where they can live their own life. In tours information is given about their habits, packlife etc. The tours leave several times a day.

european wolf


Wednesday, 18 August 2010 00:27

Colmenar, a village to live

Colmenar is located in a rich area of Axarquía, in the heart of the mountains, hence is also known as Capital of the Montes de Malaga.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010 00:03

The school

Axalingua, Spanish language school

Thursday, 17 February 2011 00:00

Accomodation service of Axalingua

The perfect holiday in the accomodation of your dreams

Thursday, 17 March 2011 23:57

Quality is our first objective

Get to speak Spanish! In Axalingua our students are the most important.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010 22:02

Portada Escuela de Español

Written by Administrator
Tuesday, 17 August 2010 21:50

Group lessons


Learn, speak, meet people and enjoy your Spanish lessons

Axalingua provides a wide variety of groups that operate from September through June, our regular annual course. With 2 hours a week and with 8 students maximum per group, the Spanish courses of Axalingua in Colmenar are the best way to learn and speak Spanish.


 We invite you to discover the advantages of our courses!


Features of the courses


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Axalingua Language Center


Language Center :: Academia de Idiomas



Dirección: C/ Cura 2 :: 29170 :: Colmenar :: Málaga

Telf.: +0034 952 718 053


Dirección: C/ Arroyo Cantarranas s/n :: 29160 :: Casabermeja :: Málaga

Telf.: +0034 952 758 668



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Lunes a viernes: 16:00 a 21:00



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Axalingua colabora con la Fundación Molina Padilla de  Colmenar para ofrecer cursos gratuitos a los alumnos huérfanos de la localidad


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